Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Favourites

My latest vlog post with my summer favourites!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Halloween Animal Symbolism

So maybe I'm jumping the gun writing about Halloween when it is still August. I'm just so looking forward to fall and that spooky most wonderful time of the year! I thought I would write about the symbolism behind some of the animals associated with the Halloween season.

Probably the most beloved of gothy Halloween animals is the bat. This time of year you can find all sorts of home decor and jewellery featuring these lovely animals. So why have they become a Halloween staple? Bats being nocturnal, have an association with death and the Otherworld. Their keen hearing and ability to navigate at night symbolizes intuition and is associated with magic. People with bat as a totem animal are able to use their intuition well and see past illusions to the real truth.

Black Cats
Tied with bats for beloved Halloween creatures, is the black cat. During medieval times cats, especially black ones, were associated with witchcraft, which unfortunately led to many being killed. Some people today still believe the superstition that black cats are bad luck (though they are considered good luck in Britain). In Celtic mythology cats are guardians of the underworld and are considered independent creatures. In Norse mythology they are sacred to the goddess Freya and are symbols of femininity and sensuality. Use black cat decorations to invite this energy into your home.

Spiders are another common Halloween decoration, from the plastic rings, to the anamatronic decorations, to the fake cobwebs, spider symbolism is everywhere. Spiders are associated with feminine power, the weaving of fate and the ability to create, with their amazing webs. They are also patient, waiting for their prey to come to them. Spiders are often feared (I personally am arachnophobic) and can represent one's repressed shadow side.

The last couple of years I've seen more and more crow decorations. We put some stuffed ones in our office at work and liked them so much we still have them up! (Oh my subtle goth influence). Crows have long been seen as omens of death. In Celtic mythology they are symbols of the goddess the Morrigan, triple goddess of war, death and magick. The crow is a totem of magic and shape shifting. In some cultures they are believed to be tricksters.

Not as common as the crow, I have seen some owl decorations at this time of year. Obviously being a nocturnal animal, they are associated with death. However in Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology they are an animal sacred to Athena(Greek)/Minerva(Roman). They are symbols of wisdom and keen insight. In Celtic mythology they are a symbol of wisdom but also a warning against deception or betrayal. Use owl decorations to invite wisdom into your life.

Are there any other Halloween animals I missed?
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