Saturday, October 27, 2012


Lately on Facebook Amy from Stripey Tights and Dark Delights mentioned the phrase "Teapunk". I was intrigued and inspired by this. In doing some research it is a phrase referring to the resurgence of the love of tea and tea time in the Steampunk sub culture. An in your face love of tea and all things tea related!

I thought wouldn't it be great if Teapunk became a subset all it's own? If people made tea time a part of their day and proudly announced their love of tea? When I was a girl, my English mum would revert to the British tradition of tea time, when we were on summer holiday. We would eat a large dinner at noon, then at 4 or 5 have tea time of sandwiches and dessert. I really like this.
Tea time was started by Anna Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting. She experienced a sinking feeling in the afternoon, so would order tea, sandwiches and cake to her room. From this the Victorian tradition of tea time emerged. I also experience that "sinking feeling" in the afternoon and enjoy having a nice cuppa at around 4pm.

I thought about hosting a Victorian tea party. Since my move I have sadly fallen out of hosting my parlour, but would love to do a tea party. Here's some tips on hosting one.
- Invitations - handwritten one's are suggested, but I think even a nicely designed Facebook one can suffice, with Victorian imagery. You can encourage guests to get dressed up as well.
- Decorations - a nicely set table is a must, with tablecloth, place settings, beautiful tea cups, saucers, and teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and a bowl for lemon wedges is also suggested. Of course, napkins, plates and cutlery for the snacks too. A nice centerpiece of flowers or seasonal decorations is also suggested as a Victorian touch.

-Menu - a traditional tea has 3 courses. Tea of various varieties can be offered throughout. Traditional one's like oolong, Earl Grey and English or Irish Breakfast tea ate all acceptable, and these days there are so many wonderful varieties you can pick up, why not try something new?
The first course is sandwiches. These are usually served without crusts and cut into small triangles or with a cookie cutter into fancy shapes. Cucumber, tuna, salmon and cream cheese, egg salad and watercress are traditional varieties.
The second course is scones. These are usually served with clotted cream and jam or lemon curd.
The final course is cakes and tarts. Jam tarts, sponge cake, and Cherries Jubilee were popular tea time desserts. In fact Cherries Jubilee was invented to celebrate Queen Victoria's jubilee year.

What is your favorite tea and accompaniments?
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review - Fight Like A Girl

I know Emilie Autumn's latest album Fight Like A Girl has been out since late July, but I only got it a few weeks ago, as I was waiting for it to come out on iTunes to be able to listen to it. It was released on this platform at the end of September, and I have been listening to it for the past couple of weeks, so here are my thoughts.
Overall I enjoy the album, and was glad that I kept in mind that this is meant to be the soundtrack for the musical based on her book, the Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls. It isn't like the last album Opheliac, though some songs do remind me of this with their more "industrial" sort of style. Many though you can tell are more showtuney. I usually don't care for musicals, but the songs on this album I like for the most part.
I haven't read the book ( I intend to) but I do have a general idea of the story and can see how the songs can fit the tale.

Fight Like A Girl - one of my favorites. It has been out for a while, so it's the track I'm most familiar with. It has an Opheliac sound and is probably the most danceable track on the album.

Time For Tea - I didn't care for this one at first, but the more I listened the more I enjoyed it. It goes with the story but is heavier than some of the more cabaret like pieces.

Four O'Clock Reprise/What Will I Remember - This intro piece and song slow things down and make me think of something from Les Mis.

Take The Pill - Another heavier song on the album, and one of my favorites.

Girls Girls Girls - this one is very cabaret. It's a fun criticism on Victorian attitudes towers women and mental illness. I often get this song in my head and sing "They're hot! They're nuts! They're suicidal!" Much to my BF's amusement.

I Don't Understand - a soft song, very pretty.

We Want Them Young - a darker song, but again I enjoy it.

If I Burn - Another one that is a little Opheliacish, and I quite like it.

Scavenger - this is sung from the point of view of the villain. I'm not overly keen on this one, but it may grow on me.

Gaslight - A prettier number, more romantic.

The Key - this song has more of a narrative feel and moves forward the action during the climax of the plot.

He'll is Empty - A short piece, again moving the narrative forward.

Gaslight Reprise - A gentle instrumental number.

Goodnight Sweet Ladies - a nice slower song, again with a theatrical feel.

Start Another Story - this is another one that makes me think of Les Mis. It's very pretty and soft.

One Foot In Front of the Other - a nice wrap up, mid tempo number.

What are your thoughts on the new album?

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