Monday, September 17, 2012

Tea Leaves

This weekend I picked up something new to try out - a tea leaf reading cup. I enjoy reading tarot cards, runes, goddess cards and other oracle cards, but have always wanted to learn tea leaf reading as well. While you can use any tea cup for this, I picked up a specially designed one to help me learn.

Tea leaf reading or tasseography has been around for centuries. The art of fortune telling with tea is said to have originated in China, though people having been using various drinks to tell the future. In the Middle East, particularly in Turkey, coffee grounds were and still are used. In Europe during medieval times, people read the dregs in wine, so when tea was brought to the West, it was only natural that tea leaf reading should follow.

Romany "gypsies" known for their fortune telling skills helped spread this form of oracle around the British isles and Europe, in the 19th centuries. It became very popular throughout Scotland, Ireland and England during Victorian times, mostly as a parlour game for amusement. Some companies even started making specially designed tea cups for this.

Vintage fortune telling tea cup with symbols.

Another one with card symbols inside the cup, combining playing card reading as well.

Tea leaf reading became less popular during the 20th century, especially with the advent of tea bags. I'd really like to become proficient at it, as I think it's a fun skill to gave. I've tried it with coffee grounds without much success. I think I will buy myself a nice loose leaf that it is also delicious.
What are your thoughts on tasseography?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick update

I haven't posted lately so I thought I would give you all an update. First I moved during August, which I am really happy about, though I found the packing exhausting. I took a week off to pack, and got sick with a bad cold/flu. Boourns! I called it the unvacation. Lol.
Since the fire at the apartment building I had been unable to move back. The company that owned the building kept moving back the return date. I was staying with my lovely BF since the fire, and we decided I should just stay! :) So I am now happily settled in with my lovely man.
Other than that, I have also been kept really busy with making paintings for my upcoming art show in January. I am well on my way to having things ready but I gotta male sure to keep the pace up!
I promise a longer post next time. For now here's some pics of cemeteries in autumn, my favorite time of year.

Oh and I got a cool bat anti-bac holder from Bath and Body Works.

His eyes light up. So cute!

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