Monday, January 31, 2011

Tea and hats

Last week was the first meeting of the new artist collective the Parlour of Outrageous Persons, held at my place. The dresscode was steampunk attire and/or a silly hat. There were a couple of very fabulous hats i must say! We drank tea and had cupcakes and tiny sandwiches during our meeting - very proper.

Setting up for the parlour

Later we tried the absinthe. It isn't sweetened, so you have to add sugar. You can either put a sugar cube on the absinthe spoon over the glass and pour water over (the French method), or you can light the cube of sugar on fire and drop it into the glass lighting the liquid. Then you douse the flame with water. (Bohemian method). Either way it's really strong so it has to be diluted. It tastes liquoricey, and I recommend three sugar cubes personally, then it's actually quite good.

Absinthe and traditional spoon

I was amazed and impressed by the wonderful creativity that was shared. It was really an honour to be part of such an amazing group of creative women. I hope next month's parlour will be just as succesful!


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Painting Progress and Absinthe

This week was a relatively quiet one. I did make progress on my projects though. I worked on a painting for my dance of death project. I'm currently working on one based on the Abbess in the medieval series. I have changed it to the Actress in my contemporary series. I've switched most of the church figures in the medieval series into media figures for my contemporary series, seeing as pop culture looms large these days.

The Abbess

I also did some work on putting together a website. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, so I figure I'd better get cracking. I updated my CV and it was a bit of a suprise to realize how many times I've shown my art. I think it's good sometimes to reflect on what you have accomplished. I know too many of us down play what we have done.

The week before friends of mine introduced me to the music and art of Emilie Autumn. I found it pretty inspiring for our Steampunk collective. She's an independant artist and musician, with a gothic/Victorian bent. I enjoyed the art in her book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, and the music on the album Opheliac.

Emilie Autumn

I also bought some absinthe for our Parlour of Outrageous Persons. It even came with a fancy absinthe spoon! I've never tried it before - it could be terrible. Lol.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Parlour

I was very excited this week to formalize plans for the formation of a steampunk/creative group, with a few other artistic friends. We are dressing up in Victorian attire and gathering to drink tea and absinthe, eat tiny sandwiches and desserts and encourage each other in our creative projects. Right now it's just a few people, and it may expand to others, but we will see how the first meeting goes and take things from there. It's important also I think, that everyone is comfortable with each other, as creativity flourishes in a safe environment. So we are keeping it small for now. Also, my living room (sorry, parlour) can only hold so many people. We dubbed it The Parlour of Outrageous Persons, then realized the acronym could be POOP - much hilarity ensued! After all we don't take ourselves very seriously.

When it comes to my own creative work, I found I am getting more painting done now that I am working at home. I've set up my work area and progress is being made! Paintings are getting done, which feels great. I'm also happy to be back to be back to blogging again.

Work in progress

Thanks to everyone for their support over the past few months. It's been crazy, but the love of friends and family have really helped.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, new post

It has been a while since I posted anything, but being a new year, I resolved to start posting again. Since I last posted back in May, there have been some big changes in my life. It has made me do some readjusting and I had to take a step back on some of my projects for a while. Now though, things are settling into their own again, and I've gone back to my painting and writing project, and I am starting up a music project again. On a sad note, I've had to resign from an artist collective I helped found. It was definetly difficult to decide to say goodbye, but I just couldn't afford the studio longer. I have set up my studio/workspace at home though, and have adjusted to the change. Atleast when it's -30C I can't use it as an excuse not to paint!

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