Monday, May 17, 2010

Creeping Forward

I haven't been doing too much lately. Definetly not working at the pace I'd like, but am creeping forward in my progress. I am now moving on to the next painting in my series. In the old Dance of Death series, the next one pictures the Empress (see below). I am changing mine to the Diplomat. Instead of being about to step in a grave, I'm going to change it to being about to step on a landmine. I have to pick up the pace on this project though if I want to meet my deadline (no pun intended). It's all about making a schedule and sticking to it.

I'm slowly making headway with the novel to. I'm stuck on chapter five. There's an important event and conversation between several characters, and I have to work it out just right.

Maybe I've been creeping along because I have been feeling a little blue lately. So here's a couple of items that cheer me up.

First, I went to the new Bath and Bodyworks with my Mum and Sis. I found the most delicious scent. I don't care for the title, Twilight Woods, as it evokes that horrid book series, but smells sooo good. I wish you could scratch and the picture!

Finally, I tried posting a link to a video - but it didn't work. :( - I'll figure that out later.
So just a pic that just cheers me up. Yes it's it's my fave band giving the finger. Yes it's juvenile. But when I'm blue, somehow this makes me smile.


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